Every seven days we gather in a place called "church" but how are we living as the Church the other six?

That's the question that spawned The Six Podcast into being back in the Fall of 2007. It began as an attempt to keep a stronger sense of community alive in local church located outside of Detroit, MI called St. Matthew. The hope was that The Six would encourage the people of St. Matthew to stay connected to one another as they lived between Sundays and that it would also teach a new concept called missional living.

Along the way The Six picked up listeners from outside of St. Matthew and became a rallying point for a small but strong audience of people who wanted to more fully live out their identity as Christ's "sent ones" in regular non-Sunday life.

Now a'days The Six is being produced out of a church in suburban St. Louis called St John. While The Six is still about encouraging "missional living," it is now enfolded into an even bigger vision for life called ONE-ONE-FIFTEEN-SIX, a nifty way to think about Christian living.

The voice behind The Six Podcast is Dion Garrett, a teaching pastor at St. John in St. Louis. Joining in is a chorus of other voices who share the dream of helping people stay moving along on their LIFEjourney toward wholeness in Christ.

Welcome to The Six!